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A Day of Self Care: The New Valentine’s Day

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image via Impish Lee

Valentine’s Day is a nationally recognized holiday. And just like other nationally recognized holidays, there is no need for anyone to actually celebrate it! It’s your choice ladies. So for those of you not feeling this hyper-romantic day, let me suggest something different (and possibly better).

Self Care Day! Say it with me! Self Care Day! You need it, I need it, we all need it. Celebrate alone, with some friends, or whatever you’re feeling up to. This day is for you. Romance yourself. 

In this age of “the hustle”— and that’s a technical term — I feel as though people look down on taking a break or a day off. It’s as though, if you’re not working on something during every second of every day, you’re a failure. And this isn’t always coming from other people; these pressures can come from ourselves. 

Let me officially say that this is straight up B.S. If you want to watch a few hours of Netflix during the day, you do you. Your dreams aren’t going to immediately crash and burn. I’m even going to take it a step further and say that you deserve that time. If Netflix isn’t for you, take a walk, go shopping, grab a drink with a friend, or play with a cute dog. We all need time for ourselves to recoup. It’s good for our bodies and it’s great for our ambitions.

So, this Valentine’s day, spend the whole day thinking about you first. And to make it even more luxurious, here’s a few lounge items to put you in the mood. I know you’ll be feeling yourself.

Impish Lee Bespoke Service

Your size, your style, your palate. Treat yourself to that velvet robe or mesh bodysuit you've only seen in your dreams. Did you read our blog post about how Kali and Noelle are changing the lingerie world?

Lace Cassie Sleep Shorts in Nudie by Only Hearts - $73

This is possibly everything right here because it is cute and comfy. The holiest of duos. These effortless chiffon shorts come with the more beautiful and delicate lace paneling. Feel that luxury all over your bottom. You will definitely not regret it.


image via harMonica

Daisy Cheeky by harMonica - $41

All praise these undies! Just between you and me, they're basically the only thing I wear. I am obsessed with being comfy and if you’re looking for comfy this. Is. IT. These are made from eco-lace fabric and are just the perfect amount of cheeky.


image via The Giving Bride

Elizabeth Romper by The Giving Bride - $220

Another comfy item that’s disguised as high glam. But who said lingerie can’t be both. This silk romper ties everything together with some velvet trim and a surprise cheeky cut in the back. It’s also made with a touch of spandex to ensure it fits in the most perfect way.


Midnight Bed Jacket by Nevaeh - $209

This scalloped number is the perfect piece to take your lounging up a level. Its eyelash cut edges and silk wrap belt are both sexy and crazy comfy. There’s nothing not to love.


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