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The American Woman has come a long way over the last 240 years. Without the footprints left behind by our intrepid mothers before us, the American Woman wouldn’t have become who she is today. The new american woman is unapologetic and adventurous. She knows a little dirt don’t hurt. She inspires through action. The new American Woman is you.


It took over two weeks for Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. It took over two centuries for that independence to resonate for some citizens of this country. But we’re still not there. Like our quest for freedom, the story of America is not finished. It is rewritten every day by the bold among us who believe our country can do better. This Fourth of July, write your page of this ongoing story. Be bold. Believe that it can be better.


Birthdays are an excuse to flaunt your best assets with excessive confidence! So why not treat the US’s birthday as your own special day? Salute your savoir-faire in style, sister! This sassy, hand-picked collection of red, white and blue vintage threads would win the approval of every Founding Mother - even OG seamstress Betsy Ross, that saucy minx.  

Freak of July Playlist - Listen on Spotify

Calligramme staff picked their fave jams to add panache to any Fourth of July bash! Might need to freshen up that cocktail, girl. This party’s going All Night.

  • “Birthday Song”, 2 Chainz & Kanye West - Natalie: For the sweltering UV 3 o’clock hour
  • “Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows” Leslie Geore - Natalie: channeling “it’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to” vibe... without the crying.
  • “Despisito” Justin Bieber - Natalie: It’s just so good.
  • “Born Again Teen” Lucius - Jamie: For when you watch your crush from afar seductively stuff pigs-in-a-blanket in their mouth.
  • “All Night” Beyoncé - Jamie: For those fireworks after the fireworks....I’m talking about sex.
  • “All Night” Chance the Rapper - Alyssa: When you’re thinking about heading home, but don’t.
  • “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar - Alyssa: Talking about past loves and lost lovers.
  • “Nights” by Frank Ocean - Alyssa: Reconnecting with friends next to a fire pit.
  • “Somebody Else” by The 1975 - Alyssa: When you see that post on your ex’s Instagram that makes you not want to pick up your phone for the rest of the night. PUT IT DOWN, GIRL.
  • “Joke” by Chastity Belt - Alyssa: Who brought weed?
  • “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” by Camp Cope - Alyssa: Pump it out your jambox on the bike ride home.
  • “No Shade” by Violent Soho - Alyssa: For while you’re getting ready to leave the house and you want to dance around in your undies.
  • “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala - Alyssa: You’re the center of the party.
  • “The Finishing” Starvoz - Marissa: Your first interaction with your summer lover, in music form.
  • “Hello” Erykah Badu - Marissa: Reflective boudoir wind down at the end of the evening.
  • “Call it Off” Shamir - Marissa: Shake it out, dance it out, rub it out.
  • “Fortress” Pinback - Marissa: Soaking that vitamin D in, poolside.
  • “Matilda” Harry Belafonte - Marissa: Just try to keep your hips still.
  • “California Desert Party” Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Michelle: The perfect jam for when the food comes off the grill and the beers are cracking open.
  • “I Love My Canoe” Troubled Hubble - Michelle: 4th of July camping trip anthem.
  • “Satro Retro” Bodas de Oro - Michelle: Fruit salad, kitchen prep jams.
  • “Ceremony” New Order - Tatiana: It may just be because I’ve watched Marie Antoinette too many times, but in my honest opinion this song was made for watching fireworks in a drunken daze. Sure to lift the spirits and bring you and your friends a feeling of revery.
  • “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” Mac DeMarco - Tatiana: This song will always make me want to slide into some skin-tight, high-waist Levi’s and live out a John Hughes montage. See if you can catch yourself a Jake Ryan this 4th!
  • “National Anthem” Lana Del Rey - Tatiana: It’s a little cliche, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the go to 4th of July jam. Play this while you get dolled up for the day’s festivities.


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