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An American Resolution (Because 2016 was Less Than Great)

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2016 wasn’t the easiest year. We lost some really influential people, we dealt with world turmoil, and we lived through one of the most separated and divisive elections in living memory. Many of us are ready to start looking forward to 2017.

With the new year comes resolutions (sigh), which end up being more like wishful thinking. The statistics on failed resolutions are staggering, so let’s just keep those to ourselves. Now this seems counterintuitive, but I’m here to convince you otherwise. Keeping a resolution really is
possible! That is, as long as you pick the right resolution. Something simple and (more importantly) convenient, but still impactful.

No need to rack your brain, because I already have the solution for you. It is, of course, buying American made. You thought I was going to drag this reveal out. I don’t play like that.

Buying USA made is becoming a lot easier because of both a rise of the maker movement and the access to information online. Many makers and craftspeople are now committed to artistry, craftsmanship, and skillful design. And, no worries, you can find all of these good people on the good old world wide web!

Now, as expected, USA made products tend to be more expensive, but you just have to see your splurge purchase as an investment in the hard-hit American garment industry.

There are quite a few clothing companies out there that provide both fashionable and affordable styles, some of my favorites being Reformation, American Giant, and Imogen & Willie. And as far as lingerie goes, we can now move on to our main event.

Up until now, there was no online marketplace that features a stylish selection of American made pieces. Yet this is not due to a lack of successful and independent brands. Calligramme wants to provide a platform for these brands to showcase their work. And in this new year, Calli will be featuring more ready to wear pieces. (You know you want to head on over right now.)

Calligramme began out of the realization that meaningful domestic employment opportunities for workers were beginning to become obsolete. Our founder grew up in Buffalo, NY and is now located in Pittsburgh, PA, both of which are historically manufacturing-rich cities, and this helped open her eyes to the fact that these individuals who lost their trades had no only suffered from that loss, but also from loss of pride as their meaningful, skill-based contributions to the economy were being sent overseas.

Calligramme saw that is was no longer viable to support business that, to her, didn’t have a story to tell or clear value to provide for the customer. And for her own business, she began to
seek out manufacturers that were dedicated to having their products conceived and constructed in America. After some research, a trend started to emerge: the majority of these businesses were owned by women.

And that’s what we call a resolution bonus. By buying USA made, you’re not only supporting American manufacturing, but women owned businesses as well. 2017 is already starting to look a little brighter.


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