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Hollywood Questions Femininity: 2016 Lingerie in Movies

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The movie stars of this country are the link that connects high fashion to the average American person (excluding those who live for that world, of course). Most trends, in all actuality, are started by the designers themselves, but celebrities are the ones who bring it to the mainstream. For movies, we can always expect to see a bold choice in lingerie during sex scenes, but I was more interested in seeing the lingerie and loungewear that’s featured without the physical intimacy. So, aside from doing the dirty, what exactly were the taste-makers wearing this past year? Let’s consult the silver screen.

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn Underwear Panty Video Games Comics Comicon Fishnets
Ah, yes. The pair of panties that broke the internet. When promotions and teasers first started popping up on the world wide web for this film, people went nuts. All conventions, halloween parties, and message boards were blown up with more Harley Quinn’s than the world will ever need, but this let us know, loud and clear, that this look had officially made pop culture history. Due to Suicide Squad, underwear are now ceremoniously considered pants. Yell it from the mountains! These two-toned, sequined, cheek undies with fishnets underneath are forever in our pop culture canon.

The Neon Demon

neon demon fashion movies lingerie in film on tv in movies pop culture

Now, one could argue this is not the best movie for body positivity, but it sure is full of fashion forward looks and interesting questions surrounding the modeling industry, which allows it to be part of this short list. The film is basically based off of a cliché about the modeling industry: “They’ll eat you alive.” And, spoiler alert… they do. The main character is actually, physically eaten due to jealousy over her youth, beauty, and success. But I know that us ladies aren’t women haters. We’re better than that. Therefore, I am being female positive when I say that these girls look amazing. Especially in this pastel blue, lacy bralette. Look at that gold front clasp! Who wouldn’t want to wear this gorgeous, delicate piece.



Jackie Onasis JFK lingerie in film movies pop culture Natalie Portman

On a much more serious note, we move to Jackie, a biographical drama following Jackie Kennedy’s life after the assassination of her husband. Though a terribly heartbreaking and life shattering time for her, Jackie still kept up with her position as a fashion icon and poised public woman. In one scene, we see her at her most vulnerable: directly after the assassination when she finally removes the clothes she was wearing when JFK was killed. We see her alone in her own private space wearing a classic, black negligé, the color more than fitting. It’s an incredibly powerful and iconic scene.
All of these looks are representative of the trending looks in 2016, but what I think they’re more representative of is the powerful women that are helping in leading Hollywood into a more inclusive and feminist industry. We still have so far to go, but seeing women star in roles that question what femininity really is is definitely a start. As for me, I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to offer.


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