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Meet the women that are changing how we buy underwear

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How many bras do you own? We love talking to customers about this and noticed some trends: there is the favorite everyday black lace number and then the neutral staple that gets thrown on for laundry day. What follows is just as predictable… “oh and there’s the sexy one that doesn’t quite lay right under any of my shirts” or “I also got a few during a killer sale but got home to realize they weren’t exactly my style” plus the ever-popular “I never returned a couple I bought online that just didn’t fit right, but I can’t find my size anywhere so I take the losses sometimes.”

There you have it, you are not alone. In fact, 50% of women admit to having a drawer full of new lingerie they never wear.

So why do we keep throwing our hard-earned cash at these companies that don’t give a hoot about our hooters! In this age of information and innovation, we should be able to find exactly what we want and the right people to give it to us. This is where Calligramme loves to play matchmaker.

Kali and Noelle of - Lingerie in hard to find sizes
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Meet Kali and Noelle Ventresca of Impish Lee, these savvy sisters have created the first line of fully customizable, USA manufactured lingerie in sizes 0-24 and 28A-40J (and beyond). The possibilities are endless with choices ranging from soft bralettes and cute undies, to soft flowing slips and full-length robes. It doesn’t end there. Impish Lee caters to women of all shades by offering lining to match your skin tone for that ‘nude’ look, no matter your hue!

Calligramme visits Impish Lee's Studio in New York

(nudes of all shades - photo by Marissa Vogel)

Not only are they helping to empower women by offering them exactly what they want, but they are promoting an eco-friendly approach to fashion by only manufacturing on a body by body basis. “We want to create undergarments that have a place in this world, a known final destination, and a body to fit on and hold and love.”

Design your own lingerie + enter the code “CALLIGRAMME5” for an exclusive discount. In Pittsburgh? Stop by to visit us at 5417 Butler St. for a complimentary fitting, design consultation, and to see the full collection of fabric options in person!



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(Calligramme visits Impish Lee's production studio in Seacliff, NY)


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