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Little Known Facts About Your Lingerie

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Before we get into the fun facts that you’ve waited so patiently to hear (or more likely, just clicked on a second ago), us here at Calligramme have some great news to announce. The results of our holiday donation campaign with MADI are finally in! After all of the MADI underwear purchases and the general donations were added up, we ended up with one hundred pairs of underwear that will be donated to PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape).  One hundred women in need will be receiving a brand new pair of MADI underwear. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you were most definitely wrong. Because Calligramme has officially decided to restock all MADI pieces on our website for 2017. Be sure to grab a pair for yourself.

PAAR Donations from K&M Photo and Video on Vimeo.

Congrats! You’ve been so patient. Thanks for sticking around. Or perhaps you just skipped the entire intro. It’s cool, I’m not sad or anything. But since you’re here, let’s get into the main attraction: here are some little known facts about lingerie. Enjoy!

crotchless panties panty underwear women's vintage lingerie advertisement mad men

Open crotch panties were once the only type of underwear that women wore. They weren’t worn because they were sexy, but instead because closed-crotch underwear were only for men. This is also why women rode side-saddle on horses.

antique french lingerie vintage corset bodysuit sissy plus size thigh highs

In French, the word “lingerie” applies to both men and women’s undergarments.

mono bosom victorian corset shapewear waist trainer kim kardashian dita von teese

In the early 1900s, a mono-bosom was an incredibly popular look for women. The breasts were hoisted and supported in such a way that they appeared as though the woman had one large bosom.

bullet bra pinup style pin up girl sweater mad men betty draper waist trainer where to shop in pittsburgh

The bullet bra is credited with creating the “Sweater Girl” aesthetic. It’s exactly what it sounds like: women would wear a very tight sweater over their bullet bras to emphasize their breasts. This term was virtually synonymous with the pin-up girl in the 1940s and 50s.

whalebone corset vintage antique pre-wwii edwardian where can i shop in pittsburgh

Corsets used to be made with whalebone, which led to the near-extinction of the baleen whale.

dita von teese burlesque dancer florist flower design inspiration ballet waist trainer

Dita Von Teese has been wearing corsets for over twenty years and due to this, she can squeeze her waist down to just sixteen inches!

Italian women often wear red underwear on New Years Eve for good luck.

The thong was created by a man who thought exotic dancers of the time were showing too much skin. You read that correctly. He thought the thong would be a great way to cover women up.

illustration cartoon boob boobs free the nipple love your body is this normal

The average woman will wear six different bra sizes throughout her life.

men in underwear 70's man san francisco vintage advertisement mad men current trends in lingerie

Bonus Fact: Men’s briefs were invented in 1935. A magazine ad at the time touted the brief’s “scientific suspension” and “restful buoyancy”.

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    Great post!! Thank you for this information! About earlier day we were unaware about the lingerie facts. By this post it got cleared and many other things too.

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