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Who Doesn’t Like New? Fresh options at Calligramme in time for the holidays!

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Calligramme is super excited to introduce two new collaborations. We are now proud to carry MADI Apparel and Nevaeh Intimates, both of which will be featured on the Calligramme website and in our storefront. Of course, seeing these pieces in person would be the ultimate way to appreciate their unique beauty, but if Pittsburgh is too far away, here’s a few reasons to check out these incredible makers.

MADI Apparel

MADI Apparel is known for making huge strides in the modern clothing industry. They are the only intimate apparel brand focused on positively impacting all areas of the underwear market. They were even named “America’s Most Impactful Intimates” by a leading lingerie publication last year.

Using a clean palette of four colors (black, white, grey, and lavender), MADI creates simple and elegant pieces that are as beautiful as they are comfortable. In addition to delicate and wearable laces, their main fabric is a viscose made from bamboo. That may sound weird, but take a chance, because this stuff is amazing. It’s moisture-wicking, wrinkle-free, non-elastic, odor preventing, and sustainable. Crazy sustainable. It’s the fastest growing plant in the world, it takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gases when compared to timber trees, and releases 35% more oxygen.

MADI keeps is local, all while helping women around the world. Both their storefront and production are in Kansas City and if you think it couldn’t get any better, hear this: for all intimates sold, MADI donates a pair of underwear to a woman in need. Underwear are the most needed, most under-donated item of clothing. And for those of you who call Pittsburgh home, for all intimates sold at the Calligramme brick and mortar, they will donate a pair of underwear to a woman living in Pittsburgh (stay tuned for more info about where we will be donatin). Need any more reason to shop? Didn’t think so. 



Nevaeh Intimates 

A boudoir collection for darlings of all shapes and sizes. Nevaeh offers a sophisticated style, all while keeping your utmost comfort in mind. This lingerie is made for the sexually liberated and for those wishing for some new and exciting erotic allure. Their styles are designed to adjust to a modern woman’s lifestyle with removable and adjustable options that help you move flawlessly from day to night.

Nevaeh began on the east side of New York City with only a sketch pad, a Mac, and a lot of passion. Their lingerie represents the spectacle of fashion — the beauty, the fabrics, the productions, and the fantasy. It has the ability to capture the essence of you as a woman.

Other than being perfectly erotic, this lingerie is all about options. These unique styles can either be hidden, or front and center of your fabulous outfit. You can also expect to see the best fabrics used in their USA made pieces: Italian silk viscose, American Rachel knit eyelash lace, Japanese trimmings, soft linings, and plush elastics. Who says you can’t buy sustainably while sexually empowering yourself? Be sure to check out Nevaeh Intimates at Calligramme until Valentine’s Day (the perfect occasion).





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