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What is Calligramme?

A calligram is a poem that’s visual and concrete. It’s written within a sketch and takes on different meanings depending on how you read it. Lingerie is visually beautiful, but the story behind it is enriches the piece because we know the makers and where the pieces come from.

Calligramme is edgy with a healthy amount of whimsical. We are a woman-owned and operated lingerie boutique based in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 2014 we've satisfied ethical shoppers with our vast selection of American-made new and vintage loungewear. Our online marketplace boasts the largest selection of  exclusively USA-made lingerie! We partner with businesses and designers whose practices align with our standards of sustainability and craftsmanship.

Marissa Vogel, founder and owner of Calligramme, set out to build a company that reflects her passion for personal empowerment and conscious manufacturing. With style and heart, Calligramme manages to achieve accessible job creation, considerate consumerism, and a kind of romanticism we're all admittedly nostalgic for.


We sell what we stand for.

Did you know that over 75% of the world’s garment workers are women making far below living wages? At Calligramme we cherish clothing that is made with love by Consumers can spend time wearing what makes them feel good, because Calligramme has already done the research for them.

Our shoppers trust us to take the mystery out of who made their clothes. You can rest assured that your underpinnings were made or sourced in America. Calligramme partners with over a dozen USA manufacturers (close to 90% are women-owned), and we're growing our collection of designers every month! International shoppers can browse hundreds of styles, each with a completely unique story behind it.


What does it mean for vintage clothing to be "Union Made"? You may see some of our products with the description labeled "Union Made." Why is that important to know, you ask? Any garment with an ILGWU tag (or "International Ladies Garment Workers' Union") indicates the decade in which the piece was made. One way to learn more than you ever wanted to know about ILGWU labels is to read this useful guide.


For press or vendor inquiries

You can reach Calligramme at

Calligramme is located at 5417 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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