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Calligramme is a woman-owned, Pittsburgh-based retail lounge that enables shoppers to buy USA made and eco-friendly intimates. For nearly three years, Calligramme has been selling supply-chain conscious fashions to the Pittsburgh area and this year, launched their online marketplace that boasts the largest selection of USA made lingerie available. 

Calligramme loves to take the mystery out of who made your clothes. The company provides designs from over a dozen USA manufacturers (nearly 90% are owned by women). The number of designers is growing each month, and Calligramme is happy to deliver them right to your door. Shoppers can browse hundreds of styles, each a completely unique base piece with a story behind it. Calligramme also offers an exclusive partnership with Impish Lee – made in NY; these designs are fully customizable and available in sizes 0-24 and bra sizes 28A-40J.

Did you know that over 75% of the world’s garment workers are women making far below living wages? Calligramme shoppers never have to worry about their undies being made in abhorrent working conditions by laborers earning exponentially below a living wage. Consumers can spend time wearing what makes them feel good, because Calligramme has already done the research for them.

The closest things to your skin should make you feel good.


Who is Calligramme?

Marissa Vogel, Proprietress

Marissa Vogel is the founder and owner of Calligramme. With a passion for supply-chain conscious manufacturing and personal empowerment, she set out to build a company reflecting her interest in accessible job creation, her quest to promote considerate consumerism, and (admittedly) her hopeless romanticism.


How did Calligramme get started? 

Calligramme began as a brick and mortar boutique in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After increased community interest, Calligramme dove into the World Wide Web to expand their community. Starting with handful of USA based designers, they have grown to offer over a dozen and continue to actively seek out made in USA styles that complement their selected collection. 

“A calligram is a poem that’s visual and concrete. It’s written within a sketch. You can read the content straight across, and it will have one meaning, or you can see it visually within the sketch, and it will take on another. Lingerie is visually beautiful, but because I know the makers and where the pieces come from, it has a story behind it. The vintage pieces always come with the history of their era and it’s pretty wild that during our parent’s generation, 95% of clothing Americans wore was made here and now that number has fallen well below 3%.” – Marissa Vogel 

As the first-ever online retailer to offer strictly USA made lingerie, Calligramme puts quality control back in the shopper’s hands. With their online marketplace, the customer can rest assured that their underpinnings were made by American workers.


How does Calligramme give back?

 In an effort to create a business that is ethically and environmentally aware, Calligramme’s mission promotes a positive footprint. Calligramme chose the USA made model for many reasons, some of which include an increase to accessible employment and minimization of blind consumerism. 

Instead of promoting products manufactured overseas, they only encourage the purchase of products that impact the US economy. In this way, they immensely cut down on our global footprint while consciously promoting fair labor and reigniting American manufacturing. 

Furthermore, Calligramme extends its American job creation goal by advocating for meaningful, fair-paying employment for the disabled community. Additionally, they enact their goal of personal empowerment by collaborating with Open Up Pgh. A bit more about their dedicated work: 

“Open Up Pgh offers accessible classes for people of all ages in both yoga and improv in the community of Pittsburgh.  

Open Up Pgh's focus is tailoring classes to meet individual ability levels- making them a perfect fit for individuals with special needs. We offer our Yoga in the Schools programs, as well as yoga and improv theater outreach programs.  While yoga and improv are two separate disciplines, they both welcome fun, growth and deepen self-knowledge. Classes in improv and theater games focus on the social and therapeutic benefits of imaginative, interactive games. Classes in yoga focus on bringing levity and joy to exercises that focus on wellness with movement and breath.” Tessa Karel, Open Up Pgh 

Changing the world, one undie at a time.


For press or vendor inquiries

You can reach Calligramme at

Calligramme is located at 5417 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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