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Black Cutout Panty

Designer: Clare Bare

$ 51.00

The Art of Framing

I’d bet you couldn’t describe the frame that held your favorite Monet during your last visit to the art museum. A silent worker, the frame’s job is immeasurable. It suggests the environment in which to appreciate an art piece; it even has the potential to increase the value of art.

Look down at your gorgeous figure and you’ll see a timeless thing of beauty on its own. But adorn that figure with an ornamented cotton cutout panty to exaggerate those already luscious curves, and ‘timeless’ becomes ‘time-stopping’. The panty’s mostly-there coverage softly hugs the rear. As soon as you see yourself in this set you’ll realize there is no union more beautiful than the marriage between the right frame and a perfect work of art.

Made in Los Angeles, exclusively for Calligramme, by Clare Bare.

Complete the set with this soft and sweet bralette.

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