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Bronze Silk Wrap Bra

Designer: Uye Surana

$ 129.00

The Art of Allure

At Club Noir she controls her stage. A mesmerizing performance with no intermission. Time passes, for how long, no one knows. Even the year - forgotten - for her look is timeless. Quietly her movements intoxicate like a smooth bourbon. Mocha silk and lace shift seamlessly with her body and tantalizes her audience. Eyes follow her fingers as she outlines her figure, running over light side boning and mauve straps that keep her in control. The first strap submits to gravity. Decorative eyelash lace wilts around her perfect figure. She turns her back on the audience and peers over her shoulder to let the second strap drop. For an eternal moment, no seat stirs.

 Hand-dyed silk cup with layers of delicate lace detail. Side boning and underbust straps provide desired support. Side seam elastic mesh. Double-row hookback closure with fork-back straps.

Made in New York, exclusively for Calligramme, by Uye Surana.

Complete the set with this soft and sweet panty.

*Select sizes take 2-3 weeks to ship. Contact us for more information*

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