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Canary Lace Brief Panty

Designer: Uye Surana

$ 59.00

extra large

Autumn Sunburst

Fall always reminds me of college. Feigning competence while tentatively stepping into the unknown. New professors, new relationships, new perspective. The only constants that grounded me were quite literally the school grounds. Walks to class were canopied in lines of trees as old as the buildings I passed. One gingko tree in particular holds fast to memory. Tall and noble, the gingko was always the last glimpse of vivid color before the blue winter trickled in. Then, in one graceful flourish, it shed its leaves to reveal a perfect ring of canary gold around its base.

Like the gingko, hold onto the vibrant color of the autumn sun with pride. You’ll be carefree in decisive yellow mesh and delicate ivory elastic straps. And when the weight of the world drops like the maidenhair tree, your outlook will remain bright.

Made in New York, exclusively for Calligramme, by Uye Surana.

Complete the set with this delicately sweet bralette.

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