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Minimalist Intimacy Furniture - Waterproof Bowchair

Designer: Calligramme

$ 3,875.00

Do not underestimate this luxury lounge chair even though you're apprehensive about such things. Your prejudice likely stems from a collection of descriptors such as rigid, cheap, uncomfortable, outdated, ugly, and even boring.

I understand. Let's redefine your vocabulary with...





This couples-friendly furniture is the spark that ignites what already exists in your most intimate environment, home. Incredibly soft, rich and unencumbered, the all-weather vegan polyurethane upholstery will confuse those who feel compelled to run their curious hands over it, insisting it's luscious leather.

The design is on point. Suggestive but not restrictive. Be prepared to be told there's just something about your style that's just damn sexy.

The Archer Bowchair. Thin layers of up-cycled genuine mahogany wood make the sexy curved side rails. Hand laid carbon fiber springs come alive and return sexual energy allowing for longer, less strenuous, and more pleasurable love making sessions. Outdoor upholstery, stainless hardware, and quick drying foam allow you to expose the chair to water, sun, salt, and chlorine for extended periods of time. Designed to last a lifetime with sturdy mortise and tenon construction, high-quality structural epoxy adhesives, and eight hand-rubbed coats of Waterlox tung oil finish. The chair dimensions are: 59" length, 31" height, 16.5" seating surface width, and 24" bottom cross bar width. Weight: 24 pounds.

A few minutes of simple assembly will be required, instructions can be found here:

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